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Tor Vergata medical summer school for international students


Da venerdì 28 luglio a giovedì 6 agosto il Collegio Lamaro Pozzani la Facoltà di Medicina e Chirurgia organizzerà la Tor Vergata medical summer school for international students.

Tor Vergata Medical Summer School for International Students is a two-week intensive program for highly motivated college students who are pursuing a carreer in Medicine.
The program introduces you to many aspects of translational medicine, by the following science modules:
- Talking about hematooncology and genes, Coordinator Prof. F. Lo Coco
- Talking about metabolic disease and the cardiovascular risk, Coordinator Prof. P. Sbraccia
Each module is taught by Tor Vergata Medical School Faculty Members and international major experts in the field. Students are exposed to workshops, seminars and lab training to master development of a problem-focused learning model of science education. Clinical and laboratory exposure provides students with a variety of experiences to develop an understanding of translational medicine application.

Director: Prof Viviana Moschese
Tel +39 06 20900736, Fax +39 06 20900530

Organization: Marina Tesauro, Claudia Fiorani, Belinda Caparro
Tel +39 0672592104/2107/2556

Per ulteriori informazioni consultare il sito di facoltà.


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